What is RYTS

"RYTS changed my outlook on everything. I arrived thinking I knew who I was and where I wanted to go in life, in the span of less than a week I learnt more about who I am than I though possible is such a short time span and discovered more about my passion. I arrived thinking I knew what I was in for (having attended RYPEN the year before), it was everything I imagined it would be and so much more. This week taught me life lessons that 12 years of school never had and in a way that was both fun and engaging. The people I met there still number as some of my best friends and the memories we shared will stay with me forever. I grew as a person so much a during this week and left as one very exhausted, and emotional person. It is impossible to explain how amazing this camp is even if I had a million words. I don't use the words best week of my life lightly. But it is the honest truth. I recommend RYTS to everyone in year 11 and 12 as it teaches you skills that school doesn't. Teaches you about life and teaches you about who you are. It allows you to grow as a person into the beat version of yourself and shows you that anything is possible if you have the passion for it." - Jordan Holdorf